Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hp Wireless Elite Desktop Keyboard And Mouse Is The Dongle Required Can I Use My Wireless Mouse With Other Usb Dongle, Same Brand But Different Model/type?

Can I use my wireless mouse with other usb dongle, same brand but different model/type? - hp wireless elite desktop keyboard and mouse is the dongle required

I have an HP Desktop Elite Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Bundle (with only 1 USB adapter to the device so that the apparatus). I do not know, like mice, so that (I) plan to buy another wireless mouse from HP, but a different model and type. I can continue to pair / connect the new mouse my existing USB dongle (no need for a new USB dongle that with the new mouse is installed)?


blamay22... said...

It could easily be the wrong frequency or code. I have half a dozen of Logitech mice, and none of them are compatible with each dongle.

Mira said...

No, you re-use the dongle.

Dave said...

No Regrets

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